The Hottest Sex Blogs of 2014

2014 is already turning out to be a scorcher… thanks largely to the growing number of adult themed blogs out there that continue to turn out exciting (HOT!) and informative articles day in and day out.

Here is our compilation of the hottest sex blogs of 2014 for your reading and viewing pleasure:

Raunchiest Sex Blogs of 2014

1. Molly’s Daily Kiss @Mollysdailykiss
2. Anal Amy @AnalAmy
3. Dark Gracie @darkgracie
4. Vagina Antics @vaginaantics
5. Slutever @Slutever
6. CaraSutra @TheCaraSutra
7. Easily Aroused @EasilyAroused
8. Kink & Poly @piecesofjade
9. Sunny Megatron @SunnyMegatron
10. Insatiable Desire @RayneMillaray
11. Smut for Smarties by Lady Cheeky @LadyCheeky
12. Modesty Ablaze @ablazingmodesty
13. The Perverted Negress @Mollena
14. My Whole Sex life @WholeSexLife
15. Dirty Little Whispers @DirtyLittleW
16. Delving into Deviance deeplydeviant on Tumblr
17. Daisy Danger @daisydanger
18. Pegging Paradise Blog @Ruby_Ryder
19. Miss Alice Gray @AskMissAlice
20. Denying Thumper @thumperMN


As always, I want to leave a place on this list for ALL the awesome sex bloggers out there! So please leave a comment with your name/URL to tell us about your sexy blog!

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Hottest Sex Blog of 2014

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You might be asking yourself,

Hey, why are they doing this?

The simple answer is that we’re 100% behind the adult/sex blogging community. We also want to be able to give our audience a chance to sample the wide range of hot and awesome sex blogs out there.

We created this list with sharing in mind, so if you want to, go ahead and use it on your own blog or share it anyway you want. Pick out your favorites. Or better yet, create your own list. You might just come up with something better or have some blogs we’d be interested in too. We only ask that you give this post a mention and send us a link back.

Happy reading, everyone!

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments! We didn’t do it on purpose, we swear!



@FrustratedOptimist AW SHUCKS! Thanks for thinking of me <3

And I totally agree, Lilly, Violet Blue (tiny nibbles) and OhJoySexToy DEFINITELY deserve to be on this list!


We're swooning super hard over this! Thank you for including us with these amazing bloggers!

Hugs - Nikki


Gosh . . . thank you. I'm thrilled to be included on your list, especially as it features so many of the blogs I follow and regularly visit!!!

Very flattering !!! 

Xxx -  K


Thank you!  I'm flattered to be on the list-- and in the top 10 to boot!  You have some other wonderful, wonderful, bloggers on the list too-- well worth everyone checking out :) 


Can you add ( @Josephine_kk), she is a fab reviewer and also raises awareness of related topics.