HornyMatches.com Destroyed My Laptop!


I thought I’d seen the worst dating scams ever – then I tried HornyMatches.com and realized just how awful a hook up site could be. I didn’t realize dating sites could be dangerous until now. Use it at your own risk.

The site looks like a good deal at first. It claims to have over 7 million members, and, let’s face it, the more members the better. Now, I’m not convinced that it has any real members at all, except guys like us that can be taken advantage of.

Here’s my experience. I signed up for the site and got a bunch of messages from ‘women’ in the next day or two. The first one contained a link to her picture that was supposedly on imgur. I clicked on it and she seemed pretty, so I responded to her. I didn’t hear back from her but did hear from a lot of other girls with imgur photo links. Obviously I clicked on them.

The next day it took my computer forever to load up. And once it was up and running, everything was going so slowly my computer was practically useless. I had to take it to the shop, and got the shock of my life – keystroke tracking software had been installed on my site.

The links from the site were not really from imgur. They were from phishing sites that put the malware on my computer in hopes that they would be able to get my credit card information and empty my bank accounts. To get rid of the software I had to have them wipe my entire hard drive – destroying lots of important photos and documents in the process.

I want to make it clear in my HornyMatches review why the site is such a magnet for phishing scam artists like this. There is no way to contact people on the site itself. All contacts go straight to your email address. There isn’t even a way to chat. This makes it very easy for cyber criminals to simply set up a profile and send you messages with links that can rip you off, destroy your computer or both. For that reason alone I’d avoid the site at all costs.

I do want to say that not all of the responses I got had links in them. But I think many of those replies were simply spam created by the site. I base this on the fact that not a single one of those girls ever responded to my responses.

The bottom line of my Horny Matches review is that the site is filled with phishing scam artists, fake profiles and fake replies. Save your money and don’t put yourself at risk.

If what you are looking for is a site that doesn’t take advantage of you, you’d be much better off trying out a great site I’ve reviewed previously (see OneNightStandGirls review). It has never caused me any problems and I’ve met several real, interesting, and horny women there.


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