About Us


Being a consultant in the PR and Marketing industry, I am constantly travelling around the globe and also within my own country. Living out of a suitcase is not much fun and particularly in a lonely hotel room. I longed for company and being a healthy active male I am on the constant lookout for sexual encounters.

Being an open minded person, I have had sexual encounters in all its variations, far from the vanilla kind. Must say that through the years I have met some very interesting people and had some unforgettable (and sometimes forgettable) sexual experiences.

I have had hookups through the normal channels like bars, clubs and sometimes a fellow traveler on a flight. I have also used the media of online dating, searching for different sites, but have found that in some cases it was user friendly and in others a maze.

I am still seeking for new and varied sexual adventures, but I also would like to share my experiences. This has prompted me to create a website showcasing my experiences and findings with the intention of assisting anyone in their quest for pleasure.

Please feel free to visit my website and let me know if the contents have been of any assistance to you. Also it would be great if you could contribute your sexual experiences particularly if it is not one that I have outlined in my website. This would be a great way for us sexual pleasure seekers to compare and exchange notes.

Looking forward to hearing from you.